Best Things To Do In Korea This Spring

Best Things To Do In Korea This Spring

Spring is the best season in Korea. This time of year gives us minor relief between the cruel bitter winter and sweltering summer. Use these months wisely, and do everything that Spring has to offer.

Marvel At Nature


The flower power season is the best time to travel and see East Asia’s unique plants. Bamboo, cherry blossoms, and green tea fields and festivals are in all their glory April to May. Enjoy the refreshing breeze and the wonderful crisp scent of bamboo and green tea, and take a stroll under the delicate pinky-white blossom trees. Look out for edible treats on offer during this time like cherry blossom coffee.

Seasonal Delicacies


In spring, veggies and fruit are at their cheapest and best. Sprouts are immensely popular side dishes, and some are only available at this time. There are a variety of greens that are available, which you can marinade yourself. Korea isn’t known for their succulent strawberries, but they are huge and extremely sweet. Seafood is also a very popular choice especially in the spring and eaten fresh. Buying these in open air market will be much cheaper than from a supermarket.

Theme Parks


Going to theme parks in spring is much better than the summer because you will be able to enjoy rides without the stickiness and wait in the queues without getting heat stroke. Theme parks also host special spring events such as tulip festivals.

Han River Day Picnics


Grab your lunch boxes and blankets! In the summer, the Han riverside is best enjoyed in the evening, but picnics during the day are the best in the spring. Without risk of sunburn, you can enjoy the lovely view and the sweet refreshing breeze. Pack your own kimbap or order food, (anything from noodles to ice coffee and waffles), to any location in Han River through delivery apps. This is by far the cheapest option because it’s free.

Mountain Hiking


Korea has plenty of mountains and hiking is always a popular past time. Even if you are not a fan, spring is the best season to climb. The spring foliage makes the view breathtaking, and it is the easiest season to exert yourself as the cool breeze is not too harsh. If that isn’t your cup of tea, you can rent a bike and have fun on a flatter plain.

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