Top 10 Korean Food Apps

Top 10 Korean Food Apps

Food isn’t just about eating in Korea, it is entertainment, etiquette, skill, and lifestyle. These apps from cooking to delivery to eating out are must haves for people who love everything food and drink related in Korea.

(NB: You will be required to have basic Korean reading skills to use some of the following applications)

요리백과 – 만개의 레시피 (Hundreds and Thousands of Recipes)


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This is one of the most popular cooking apps in Korea, thanks to its huge library of recipes. The recipes are all tagged and organised into multiple categories, such as by food type, (soup, rice, baking), occasion (diet, guest, infant), technique (boil, stir-fry, roast), and main ingredient (seafood, pork, flour). The cooking process if guided by detailed photos and videos, so even beginners will be able to cook hearty high quality meals easily.

밥타임 (food time)


#cooking #intermediate

Inspired by the popular TV show ‘Please Take Care Of My Fridge’ (냉장고를 부탁해), this app provides recipes suitable for the food that you have left in your fridge. You select the ingredients that you have and you can choose what dish you would like to make. This app is perfect if you hate wasting food and is essential for thrifty foodies.

배달통 (Delivery Container)


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The delivery app market is definitely saturated. Korea has a huge delivery food culture, as it is quick, cheap and delicious. There are many other apps that provide food ordering services, but this app especially is known for their multiple discounts. They give exclusive deals to members and first delivery has an additional 2,000won discount. There is a huge variety of dishes to choose from, there are multiple ways to pay and it is a reliable service.

시럽 테이블 (Syrup Table)


#restaurant #discount

An app perfect for those who like to eat out, but are on a budget, this app releases a new restaurant deal daily at 11am. The app uses GPS on your phone to recommend good restaurants near you, so it is particularly useful if you are new to an area. You can read restaurant reviews, menus and even book tables all in one convenient app.

푸드톡 (Food Talk)


#cooking #social

This is a social network for chefs and foodies that centres around cooking and communication. Users can upload their recipes, share with other users, review other recipes, make recommendations and chat about food. There are even fun contests that you can take part in and make new fellow foodie friends.

힌트 (Hint)



The app slogan says it all, “A clever food dictionary that makes you healthier! We will pick food that will be like medicine!”. This app is especially useful for health-conscious folks as you can learn the nutritional value of traditional Korean dishes and it recommends certain food for your dietary needs. You can search for ingredients and meals and learn more about the food you eat. They also provide an array of healthy recipes so you can improve your lifestyle.

시럽 오더 (Syrup Order)


#coffee #discount

Using this app, you can order a drink and pay through your phone so that you can instantly pick it up when you arrive at the café. No need to wait in line or wait for your coffee anymore! This app also provides cafe discounts and will use GPS to locate your closest coffee shop.

푸디 (Foodie)


#camera #photoshop

Make your food come to life with this camera app, that has been created by Line, to specifically edit food pictures. There may be plenty of other photo editing apps available, but these filters have been designed with food and drinks in mind. They recommend certain filters for specific types of food, which enhance details and make colours more vibrant.

Check-it! Check Eat



This app is probably the cutest diet app right now. User can search how many calories are in Korean dishes, so that you can make a more conscious decision before tucking in. Everything you eat, the pufferfish eats as well. The fish changes according to the quality of food that you are eating and you can watch it bloat and deflate. It is a fun way to keep record of what you consume, and everything is stored in a calendar on the app so you can keep track of your health and diet easily.

테이스티북 (Tastybook)


#restaurant #social

The name of the app is similar to ‘Facebook’ for a reason. This popular app combines social networking and restaurant reviews so that you can learn about hot new restaurants from word of mouth. People upload their personal experiences at a restaurant with pictures, reviews and recommendations. People are more likely to trust real peer reviewers than advertisements, so many use this app to find good and honest restaurant recommendations.

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