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tbs eFM

tbs-efm-generation-nowNicky Kim hits the airwaves every Tuesday at 9am on tbs efM 101.3Mhz.

‘Generation Now’ is a commentary on all things buzzing amongst millennials in Korea. It is a weekly segment on tbs eFM’s daily culture show ‘Koreascape’. Each episode will be linked below:

Ep.01: Live Streaming

Ep.02: Honbab

Ep.03: Brotox and Male Makeup

Ep.04: VR

Ep.05: K-Hip Hop

Ep.06: Convenience Store Cooking

Ep.07: Job Hunting

Ep.08 Smart Homes

Ep.09 Arcades and ‘Small Play’ Trend

Ep.10 Best Films Of 2016

Ep.11 Best Book Of 2016

Ep.12 Best Drama And TV Show Of 2016

Ep.13 One-Table Restaurant Trend

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