Social App For Travelers

Social App For Travelers

If you plan on coming to Korea this summer, you have probably made a huge list of things that you want to do, eat and see, but some of the most memorable moments that you make, may be from the people you meet.

With VoyageUp, you will be able to discover fellow travellers and native Koreans easily based on your location and Wi-Fi network, so you can make friends near you.

VoyageUp is a social app, available for both iOS and Android that is incredibly useful for people who are new to Korea, but are keen to engage and socialize.

Discover New People

When you are in a public place, such as a hostel, airport, or hotel, you may see many people, but find it awkward and difficult to approach them individually.

On this app, you will be able to check out their profile, and start chatting. When you log into VoyageUp it shows you two circles of users

(1) People connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you

(2) People in a 200 meter radius around you.

The app lets you directly interact with them without having to send or accept invites/friend requests. You can find things that you have in common and start an interesting conversation, and avoid the boring and repetitive introductions.

If you chat with someone and become friends, you can meet up and have a travel companion. Activities in Korea are much more fun when they are done in groups, so you could get a few people together and all go to eat at delicious restaurants or do various summer activities together.

Having friends while on holiday is not only fun but also helpful.

You can ask for help and provide some help to others. There are many occasions when you need some assistance while traveling, so having some friends around your area will be handy.

Having these connections is especially useful for travellers, because you can share vital information and give each other travelling tips and tricks. Knowing locals and travellers will be another source of information for you.


Special Deals

VoyageUp also provides users with deals and useful content based on your location that can enhance your overall travel experience.

Based on the country you are in, you will be able to read relevant articles that will inspire your travels as well as give you a more in depth look into the local culture and society.

Those of you who are tight on cash, will be happy to know that users will have access to special offers in the area and you can also discover nearby businesses, local deals and upcoming events.

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