Top 8 Beauty Apps In Korea

Top 8 Beauty Apps In Korea

Anyone with dexterous limbs and reasonable expendable income owns a smartphone. The availability of photo-editing apps have allowed photos to be instantly edited thanks to tools which edit and ‘beautify’ photos of faces. These are extremely popular in the Far-East, especially Korea. A quick search for the words ‘보정’ Bojung (meaning ‘correction’ in Korean), and ‘포샵’ Pho-Shyab (the contraction of ‘Photoshop’) in the App store, will provide a large selection of face-altering applications which allows users to tap their face to perfection.

While apps are not as advanced as professional Photoshop suites, technological development and high demand have pushed up the quality and feature abilities. The most common beauty tools reflect common Korean aesthetic desires. Settings which smooth and lighten skin, slim round cheeks and wide jaws to a narrower V-line, and enlarge eyes are the most common. You can even apply make-up. In a survey of 1431 Korean women, the following apps were voted the top 4, however due to the speed of trends and tech development, hot new apps worthy of mention have also been listed.

1. Cymera 싸이메라 (21%)


Available in the App Store, and Google Play. This sleek app provides a wide variety of filters, collage options, lenses, and a platform to share photos with other app users. It currently boasts over 170 million users and has a 4.5 star rating. The retouch tools are subtle, and do not show signs of obvious photoshop. They even have over 70 hair designs for users to stencil onto pictures.

2. Candy Camera 캔디 카메라 (20%)


Available in the App Store, and Google Play. This app takes a cute approach to attract female users. The pastel colours, layout, and emphasis on beautifying filters are perfect for Selca lovers. Users of this app are fans of the soft and sweet style of filters, which creates an atmospheric image.

3. Photo Wonder 포토원더 (18%)


Available in the App Store, and Google Play. Photo Wonder is the mother of all beauty editing apps, as it is older than Candy Camera, Cymera, and other leading beauty apps. This app was the first app to gain popularity for its eye ‘bloat’, and cheek ‘liquify’ functions. Now, the apps looks and feels a little old compared to other leading apps, but it is still a favourite for some.

4. Camera360 카메라 360 (15%)


Available in the App Store, and Google Play. This app is slowly rising in popularity. It boasts over 100 filters, and over 20 flawless skin features. It currently has a 4.3 rating, and users are mainly from Japan and Korea. One of the most unique features is the popular ‘lip’ tool, which emphasise the colour of lips while brightening up the rest of the face.

Honourable Mentions

5. Aillis (previously known as Line Camera 라인카메라).


Available in the App Store, and Google Play. This camera application is an extension of the Line Applications, which is an instant communication app like Kakao. Faithful Kakao uses are not keen to use Line so this careful re-branding of the camera app, allows more users to download this freely.

6. Pudding Camera 푸딩카메라


This app is certainly a golden oldie. Don’t be fooled by the app name, this is a photo editing application. Once upon a time, this application used to be very popular in Korea, due to the multiple shot options and the soft LIVE camera feature.

7. Splendid Outing Plastic Surgery 화려한 외출 성형


This application was purely created as a service for people who were considering plastic surgery. The user uploads their profile and they are able to tweak the length and width of their facial features. Although this app has been created for medical purposes, many users have used it out of curiosity and for fun.

8. Spring 스프링


While other applications allow users to modify the face, this app edits the body proportions. The three main functions are slimming, head resizing and height stretching. Obviously, the editing will only be possible if the pose and photo is appropriate, but overall users have been happy with the natural looking results.

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Appearance is becoming more and more important with the development of social media and camera phones. As more personal information is being shared and photos being judged, people are naturally becoming more self-concious of their photos. If a single image is burdened with representing your character, wouldn’t you want it to be at least satisfying to you? These apps allow users to make their own selves pleasing to their own eyes, aswell as others, so it is no wonder that these applications are surging in popularity.

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