Choco Ehmong Review

Choco Ehmong Review

Ever since the ‘Honey Butter Chip’ landed in Korea in August 2014, the potato snack has become a viral sensation. The initial sweep across social media gave the product intense publicity, but it was also curiosity, and the consumers’ need to be a part of a trend, that created the ‘Honey Butter’ movement. But, all good things must come to an end.


Other companies have launched their own ‘Honey Butter’ flavored snacks to hit the consumer sweet spot.

With so many copycat products emerging, the market has become saturated once again, and people seem to have lost interest or gotten sick of the flavor all together. Even McDonalds launched ‘Honey Butter’ flavoured fries. Nearing its 6 month mark, the trend has not died yet but its glory days are definitely over.

'허니버터'/ 'Honey Butter' shot up in December 2014 and since then, it has been an evident fall in popularity.

‘허니버터’/ ‘Honey Butter’ shot up in December 2014 and since then, it has been an evident fall in popularity.

A new ‘hot’ item has been sweeping over social media and is rumored to be the prodigy of the ‘Honey Butter Chip’. Introducing, ‘초코에몽’ (‘Choco Emong’), the hottest chocolate flavored milk drink. The name ‘Choco Emong’ comes from the combination of the words ‘Chocolate’ (‘초콜렛’) and ‘Doraemon’ (‘도라에몽’). The Japanese animated character ‘Doraemon’ is a blue robotic cat, which has spawned a hugely popular franchise in the far-east.

The sign reads 'Such a popular product, it runs out so quickly we won't be able to sell it [for long]!!'. It's snappier in Korean.

The sign reads ‘Such a popular product, it runs out so quickly we won’t be able to sell it [for long]!!’. It’s snappier in Korean.

Lots of Doraemon food products already exist, but none of them have created a huge buzz. The trend is relatively new as its online presence shot up in March 2015. If you compare the below graph with the ‘Honey Butter’ results graph, you can see that ‘Choco Emong has not yet reached the same level of popularity as ‘Honey Butter’, but the popularity pattern is very similar. Choco Emong is sweeping across social media and even celebrities, such as EXO‘s Sehun and Apink‘s Naeun, have been seen with the drinks. Once you see people posting Selca’s (Selfie’s) with the product, you know that the product has hit mainstream.

'초코에몽' ('Choco Ehmong') was a sudden hit in March 2015. It is hard to say if the trend will continue for much longer.

‘초코에몽’ (‘Choco Ehmong’) was a sudden hit in March 2015. It is hard to say if the trend will continue for much longer.

Unfortunately, I missed the ‘Honey Butter’ train. I have tried other snacks, but I have yet to taste the original because I have never seen them being sold individually in stores. I refuse to let another trend go by without trying it, so I bought the ‘Choco Emong’ to see what all the fuss was about. Here is my personal review:

I had to go to a few convenience stores until I found it in stock, so I can definitely tell that it is a wanted product. In the end I bought one at GS25 for 1,000Won (USA= 91c/ UK= 59p).


choco-ehmong-korea-drink-trend-testAppearance: I admit that the box shape and colors do make the drink have a cute vintage vibe, which is why it probably stands out on social media. It definitely looks like the drink is aimed at children. The brown and yellow color scheme and the cute cartoon character, is identical to the packaging of Nesquik chocolate milk.

Smell: Sugary/ fake chocolate smell. Again, it reminded me of Nesquik.

Texture: Not thick, the consistency is watery.


korea-chocolate-drink-food-trend-testTaste: The drink does have an initial deep chocolate flavour. The flavour is sweet nonetheless and does leave a sweet after taste. One of the reasons why it is popular is because it apparently tastes like a melted ‘쌍쌍바’/’Ssang Ssang Bar’ (a cult ice-cream). I agree that the milk does taste like melted chocolate ice-cream. For me, it tasted exactly like Wall’s ‘Mini Milk’ chocolate flavoured ice-cream. 

Worth the hype?: Personally, I was expecting so much more from the flavour, and I was disappointed. It didn’t taste amazing, but I don’t think any chocolate milk from a carton can be worth the hype.

No, I will not buy this again. Unfortunately, I do think it is over-hyped, because so many things are delicious, so I don’t see how this drink is worth so much more praise than others.

However, if you are still curious, there’s no harm in trying it for yourself. If you don’t like it, upload a photo anyway, like the other 43,000 on Instagram!



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