Korean Secrets To Look Younger

Korean Secrets To Look Younger

Now with a clearer understanding of the Korean ‘baby face’, maybe this is something that you would like to achieve. With all beauty looks, it takes time and dedication to get desired results. What will now follow are the main-stream methods of achieving a baby face. Specific products will not be recommended as a) every skin type is different therefore results are not guaranteed, and b) the beauty industry in Korea is so FAST, so ‘best’ products often come and go extremely quickly and can be outdated



The first and most important beauty feature is youthful, milky pure skin, with no blemishes, wrinkles or freckles. The common misconception is that Koreans want to change their skin colour in the hopes of looking Caucasian. The logic, when applied to Western people, is like wanting to tan to look Ethnic; it’s not true. Babies have clear skin, so to emulate their health and youth, equally clear skin is needed.

You may have been born with perfect skin, but after years of sun damage and puberty, the quality is likely to have diminished. Luckily a combination of skin care and make-up can reverse the clock, and allow you to return to your infant beauty.

1. Skin-care products

Rather than covering up the flaws, Koreans believe that emulating healthy skin from the inside out is the most important. The majority of Korean women spend a lot of money on numerous toners, lotions, emulsions, moisturisers and creams to diminish and reverse current skin damage and discolouration.

This middle aged woman became a viral sensation due to her youthful skin. She reveals that her secret is using expensive eye-cream all over her face.

While in the West, it is believed that exfoliation rejuvenates the skin, however the Korean trend is to not scrub or manually move the skin to preserve the skin cells. 

If you only want to use the best of the best, there are plenty of review shows such as on GetitBeauty which provide ranking of beauty products as well as Gmarket reviews.

2. Make-up


Compared the amount of skincare products Korean women use, they use a small amount of make-up to create a fresh vibe and normally do not layer daily make-up. Instead of bronzing, contouring or bright blushers, Koreans achieve the pearly bright look with some light coverage from BB or CC creams, which has the benefits of skincare products. BB cream prevents sun damage as well as heals your skin because of SPF (sunscreen), it is the most essential ingredient in skin make-up. SPF is so common that it would be difficult to find a product which doesn’t contain SPF. 



The most important facial feature are big round childlike eyes. Having large doe-eyes coupled with clear white skin, emulates the cuteness. Unfortunately it is rare to have these eyes naturally as the majority of Koreans have mono-lids and small eyes genetically from Mongolians. There are 3 main ways to achieve the round eyes.

1. Blepharoplasty / 쌍꺼풀수술


Let’s get it over and done with, the topic of plastic surgery would crop up eventually. This surgery is the most common surgery in Korea, but what you may not know is another surgery that is often done with the double-eyelid surgery. 앞트임 (which roughly  translates to ‘front trim‘) and 뒤트임 (‘back trim‘) where incisions are made at the front or/and the back of the eyes to make the eyes wider. When you see the pictures of before and after photos with dramatic results; it is more than likely that the patient has had the eyes remodeled with ‘front trim’ and ‘back trim’.

2. Double eyelid tape.


A temporary alternative would be to stick small arched stickers on the eyelids, which force a fold into the eyelid when the eyes are open. These tapes are very cheap, available anywhere, and once they are secured, they don’t fall off.

Unfortunately, the tape is visible when the eyes are shut and as you can imagine it feels uncomfortable, although it isn’t any more uncomfortable than wearing false eyelashes. Young girls who are contemplating surgery normally wear these to achieve the look quickly for special events, but these are not commonly used daily.

3. Double Eyelid glue


A similar cheap and temporary method is partially gluing a line on the eyelid to make a crease. The clear glue (similar consistency to eyelash glue) comes with a fork like tool made of plastic. After smoothing the glue over the lid, you push in the eyelid with the fork and open your eyes while it dries.

This method has all the benefits of the eyelid tape, plus you don’t have to fiddle with tiny stickers and nothing is visible. However, the glue naturally loosens with time so it can come undone.

BONUS: Eye-bags

While eye-bags in the West are often associated with sagging skin from old age or lack of sleep, in the East the eye-bags are aesthetic baby fat which makes the face look younger.  In Korea they are affectionately named ‘애교살‘ (‘aegyo-sal’) meaning cute-flesh (aegyo=cute and 살= skin/ flesh). The plump flesh under the eyes have been a growing trend starting from roughly in the last 5-10 years. The baby fat is desirable as the woman looks younger when she smiles and the eyes look chubby and sweet.


White eye shadow or shimmer can be swept across the aegyo-sal to highlight them. Alternatively injections and fat grafts are options to surgically create that look.

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Before and After filler injection.


Babies and young children have light coloured, thick eyebrows, so to mimic this look, the eyebrows are styled straight and thick.


Groomed eyebrows are very important as they frame the eyes and face, so most women achieve this look by filling in their brows with eye-brow pencil/ crayon or shadow. It is believed that over-plucking eyebrows makes the skin sag (though some doubt its credibility), so instead they shave above and below to shape the brow.

By following these helpful tips, you too could be met with the gushing ‘어머 동안이시네요!’ (‘Oh my, you look so young!’).

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    Ah this is an interesting article! In fact the site in general is. Despite the fact that virtually none of the fashion trends beside clear skin would ever go with my own features it’s interesting to see the differences here in Korea vs the US where I am from when it comes to fashion. I will say I’ve been all over those skin products though! It’s lots of fun just to play with the different brands and seeing which are the best.

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    i have a question. my eyes are not shaped like those of koreans, however i still wish to again the korean beauty… what should i do with my eyes?

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