7  Reasons Why Living In Gangnam Is Great

7  Reasons Why Living In Gangnam Is Great

Gangnam (literally meaning South of River) is a large district in Seoul, consisting of several neighborhoods such as Apgujeong, Cheongdam, Daechi, and Samseong. The area has a reputation for being a luxurious and affluent part of Seoul. While it may not live up to the image of glitz and glamour that is currently being sold by the tourism industry and Psy’s hit song, I think it is certainly a comfortable and fun place to live. Some people may hate it, but people like me love it for the following reasons.

Variety of People


Gangnam is one of the three most popular centres for young people, (the others being Itaewon and Hongdae). There are always gatherings and events taking place in Gangnam, so people all over the country come together to this area. Many people like Gangnam for the social activities and the opportunities to meet people. If you already live in Gangnam, you have the ultimate convenience of not having to commute and having access to diverse people.



One of the first things that one should consider when moving to Korea, is the work that they want to have because it will be an important role in your life. Gangnam is a huge corporate district in Korea, where the biggest and most developed companies are situated, meaning that there are well-paid and stable jobs on offer. As a business central, you can imagine that the work in Gangnam, will most likely be fast paced and demanding, but that is what I wanted from my city experience.

Trendy & Delicious Attractions


As well as making money, it is also a place to spend it. Gangnam is home to some of the country’s most famous restaurants, cafes, gastropubs, bars and clubs. There are certain roads that are known for being social and designed for fun such as garosu-gil. Korea has great food overall, but you will be experience the full scope in Gangnam. The eateries in Gangnam are always trying to create new and delicious food, so there are plenty of exciting things to try!

Beauty & Style


Not everyone in Gangnam is drop-dead gorgeous. In fact, most people on the street just look like normal workers. However, once you go to a shopping area, cafe street or trendy bar, everyone is perfectly dressed and coordinated with perfect skin and hair. It is clear that more people in Gangnam make an effort with their appearance when going out. This is understandable as Gangnam is a  fashion central as well as the plastic surgery capital.

Services & Facilities


Gangnam provides every service you could possibly dream of. From delivery of a huge variety of food, to beauty pampering services, Gangnam has it all. It is also known as the education centre for young adults, as there are hundreds of academies that can teach you everything you need to know. If you have the money, Gangnam could build you inside and out. Transportation services are also abundant, with plenty of trains, buses and a constant turnover of taxis so you can live easily without a car.



Seoul is known as a concrete jungle, but in comparison to other parts of Korea Gangnam is a well built and designed area. The wide roads are lined with tall and glossy buildings, and affluent neighborhoods have beautiful apartment villas decorated with trees and oriental gardens, some even have mini waterfalls. The quaint villages in rural areas, have their own beauty and charm. but if modern metropolis is what you are looking for, the heart of Gangnam will be exactly what you want.

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