10 Most Picturesque Places In Korea

10 Most Picturesque Places In Korea

Summer is the most popular tourist season. If you are seeking beautiful destinations in Korea, here are top 10 mostly unknown places for you to take the best pictures on your travels. There are many places in Korea that are unique, interesting and worth a snap, but some landscapes will just blow you away. Not only are these good photo destinations, but also fun places for you to explore.

1. Chagwido (차귀도), Jeju Island


Photo credit: @kuddity @seuri_0906 @krapeeh

Jeju island is known for its tropical beauty and perfectly cool and breezy weather in the summer. Many Korean tourists travel there to enjoy the seafood and beaches. Chagwido coast is usually a popular fishing destination, but its hidden beauty blossoms to life at sunset. The rocky seashore and cliffs, frame the blazing sun as it rises and sets. If you time your visit to Chagwido seashore well, you will be in for a true spectacle.

2. Gwangokjji (관곡지), Siheung


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Siheung is a small city just South of Incheon. In the summer the lotus flowers at Gwangokjji park burst into life in all their glory. Gwangokjji has huge fields of grass and shallow ponds, which are blanketed with drifting lotus leaves and flowers. The tranquil atmosphere of Gwangokjji lotus garden, reflects the religious and historical role of the lotus in Korean culture. For those who love flowers, summer is the perfect season to capture the pearly white petals tinted with rose.

3. Namsangol Traditional Korean Village (남산골 한옥마을), Seoul

Photo credit: @choimonika @baeyuuu @mo.nic.lim

Photo credit: @choimonika @baeyuuu @mo.nic.lim

Near the centre of Seoul in Namsangol, you are able to step in a time machine and travel back in time to experience the glory of the Joseon dynasty. In the traditional village, you can admire the traditional Korean-style houses (한옥) and Korean pavilions. There are many Korean dress (hanbok/한복) shops close to the area, where you will be able to rent a hanbok. Why not go all the way and capture your time at the traditional village wearing traditional clothes too?

4. Marine City (마린시티), Haeundae


Photo credit: @hyun_jong_lee_ @thankyou_kim @wonsori

The Haeundae district, located on the East of Busan, is a popular summer destination. Haeundae’s long beach and access to the coastline, means that you can enjoy cooler temperatures, delicious food and stunning sights during the day. However, don’t forget that summer nights have a charm of their own. The modern and chic tall buildings soar above the crowds in the urban Marine City, and at night these becomes glowing pillars. The night view of Marine City is one of the most beautiful in the world, especially when the lights reflect off the rippling water of the Haeundae coast. This is a must see if you go to Busan.

5. Maebongsan (매봉산), Taebaek


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Don’t you want to spend summer in a refreshing and breezy area that is away from the stifling city? Taebaek in Gangwondo is far East of Korea and in the middle of nowhere. Enter the green world of Maebongsan where vibrant cabbage patch fields are endless. The area is very open and windy, so you will feel like you have entered into a Korean air-con commercial.

6. Silan Café (실안 카페), Sacheon


Photo credit: @pch2690 @potofinder @j_in_ii

For the ultimate romantic summer sunset picture, go to the most southern coast of Korea to Sacheon in Gyeongnam province. A small café, called Silan café, bobs on the surface of the sea. At dusk, the coastline lights up in red, pink and purple, and it looks so peaceful that it looks like a fantasy. It will be a view that all photographers would die for.

7. Sangnim Park (상림 공원), Hamyang

Photo credit: @misol_osolemio @yoomiyeon @goood206

Photo credit: @misol_osolemio @yoomiyeon @goood206

The dense thicket of greenery flourishes in the summer at Sangnim Park. The deep roots of the forest go back for thousands of years. During the day it will be buzzing with activity, and a great place for picnics. The early mornings will be much cooler and great for walks and enjoy the morning dew on flowers. Photographers enjoy the sun light peeking through the tree leaves and foraging the woodlands for photogenic flowers.

8. Gomso Salt Field (곰소염전), Buan

Photo credit: @jeongjae89 @stoneby77 @e.s_tinkywinky

Photo credit: @jeongjae89 @stoneby77 @e.s_tinkywinky

Going to Gomso is the most stunning experience being surrounded by fields of white salt. A lot of salt is produced during the hottest seasons where dehydration works the fastest, so you can see the heaps of white crystals being piled up. The glaring white salt reflects all of the sunlight, so the super bright light is like the ideal studio. It will be a truly captivating scene that is very out of the ordinary.

9. Samyang Ranch (삼양목장), Daegwallyeong

Photo credit: @ juhee.h_h @ zerokth @ yusimbaa

Photo credit: @ juhee.h_h @ zerokth @ yusimbaa

Samyang ranch is a completely open area of flat grass with the occasional sheep or cow. As Asia’s largest green pasture with no tall trees or buildings to block the view, you will be able to get a clean panoramic shot of the vast blue sky and green field. In fact, many professional photo shoots take place here as it is seen as the epitome of nature. Not only is this beautiful landscape worthy of your camera, it is also a great refreshing place to experience when it gets too hot.

10. Eupcheonhang (읍천항), Gyeonju

Photo credit: @y__inhye @ noarsark33 @ da_somy89

Photo credit: @y__inhye @ noarsark33 @ da_somy89

The south-east coast of Korea is regarded as particularly cool as the easterly wind blows from across the sea, whipping the waves into a frenzy. The shape of the coastline at Eupcheonhang will expose you to a fantastic clear view of the sea, so you will able to capture the foaming white rolling waves like a picturesque water colour. Tasting the brisk salt wind from on top of the monochrome rocky coastline, will make you feel like you are on top of the world .

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